What is the title page? Discovering the world of our thesis

What is the title page? Discovering the world of our thesis

Wulfric Francis

June 8, 2019

Title page. A universe of doubts all enclosed in a single little word. Yes … we are in this fantastic chapter of our guides.

We could also say this stranger. If you hear about all the colors on this topic. There are those who say that it is what is printed on the cover, who is the first page, who is the back of the cover (the back cover) … in short, there is something for everyone!

Here is part of the definition we find on Wikipedia:

The title page is the initial page of a book in which the most complete information on it is presented. Usually it bears the full title, an indication of responsibility and, in whole or in part, the indication of publication (or typographical notes). By convention, the title page is published on the odd first page of a work. […] The title page became of current use starting from the sixteenth century. In the seventeenth century the frontispiece was enriched with decorative elements (illustrations and ornamentations). In the second half of the eighteenth century, the neoclassical printers Bodoni, Baskerville and Didot carried out a simplification, eliminating the decorative elements. The model of an exclusively typographical frontispiece has reached the 21st century.

Translating for our beloved degree theses:

It is the first page of our text. Usually it shows the name of the University, the faculty attended by the future doctor and the degree course in which he is about to graduate. And even more important is the title, the name and surname of the student and his supervisor (and co-supervisor if present). At the bottom of the page usually the academic year in which the student is about to graduate is inserted, which is not always the current academic year.

For example: a graduate student can discuss and present his thesis in April 2017 but be a graduate of the 2015/2016 academic year. And on this we always recommend contacting the secretary of the faculty attended.

Usually the internal title page is what is reported also on the cover of the thesis (then on the outside of your thesis). Practically the part that is usually printed in silver / gold color.

A detail: usually it does not show the page number but it is our page 1. So the rest of the thesis will start from page 2.

Here you can find some tips on how to prepare your title page.

Good job!

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