Action plan for the thesis. How to best organize yourself for the thesis

Action plan for the thesis. How to best organize yourself for the thesis

Wulfric Francis

June 6, 2019

Here you are. Sweaty, flickering, pure panic. Quiet … normal life as a university student before the preparation of the degree thesis. This is the time to find a strategy. A real action plan. A beautiful TO-DO LIST (of those that I like a world!).

Lists of things to do. Fantastic. Useful tool to organize your time and free your mind. The important thing is to stick to what was planned (at least try).

Why make a to-do list for the thesis

The advantages of organizing your to-do list are different, for example:

Get organized: Have an overview of the work to do broadly and organize your time accordingly. Remember to always keep a margin on time. Don’t get to the minute before the deadline … better carry on, especially in those parts that do not only depend on your nights in white but also on other people

Have control

Having a list of things can help you know how to proceed, regardless of any suggestions received from your supervisor and you can therefore reduce anxiety due to the fear of forgetting pieces on the street

Be more effective and productive

Having the complete and updated picture of things to do in the various areas at any time will help you to better define priorities and not forget important things, becoming more effective and productive

How to do it? Simple. I’m a bit old fashioned and I use sheets of paper and trivial pens but there are lots of online applications that allow you to create one. Just don’t invest too much time in it. Whatever your choice, it must be a tool that saves you time, don’t lose …

How to build a To-Do list:

  • marks things to do
  • give each task a deadline
  • find a way you like to indicate completion of a task (gives a lot of satisfaction!)

Below is an example of a to-do list for the thesis (and the moments immediately following the writing). Consider that the best thing is that everyone build their own. It helps to understand how to proceed according to one’s own logic (and everyone has their own).

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